Maliyo launches African Games Industry Report to mark 30 year period

 Maliyo Games have launched the Africa Games Industry Report, a comprehensive analysis of the African gaming market from 1993 to 2023. The report will be a valuable resource for anyone who wants to learn more about the African gaming industry, whether you are a game developer, publisher, investor, educator, media, influencer or gamer. The report will help you answers questions like: 

  • How much do we really know about the African gaming industry?
  • What are the trends, challenges, and opportunities that shape this dynamic and diverse market? 
  • Where can we find reliable and relevant data and insights to help us understand and engage with the African gaming community?

 The African Games Industry Report showcases some of the most successful and innovative game developers and publishers in Africa. The report is a 70-page informative summary covering the game development landscape in Africa. It provides insights and actionable analysis, aiming to stimulate investment and growth in the games ecosystem across the continent.

The report draws upon a comprehensive survey conducted earlier this year, which gathered insights from 118 individuals representing a diverse mix of studios, independent developers, studio employees, and hobbyists from across Africa. This extensive input has been instrumental in shaping the report's findings and recommendations.

  • Emerging Game Development Hubs: Lagos, Nairobi, Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Accra stand out as the central hubs for game development across Africa, fostering a vibrant and growing ecosystem of talent and innovation.
  • Studio Landscape and Investment: While Nigeria boasts the highest number of survey respondents, only 16% represent formal game studios. This highlights the need to nurture and support the transformation of informal game development into established businesses.
  • Funding Landscape: Among studios that have received funding, a significant 80% secured less than $100,000. This underscores the challenges faced by African game developers in accessing adequate financial resources to fuel their creative endeavors.
  • Revenue Growth: There are encouraging signs of growth. In 2022, nine studios surpassed the $100,000 revenue mark, representing developers from South Africa (3), Kenya (2), Nigeria, Cameroon, Tunisia, and Senegal (1 each). This demonstrates the potential for African studios to achieve financial success on the global stage.

To celebrate the launch of the report, Maliyo Games organised a road show to promote the report in Lagos, CapeTown and Nairobi. The full report was released online today and is available for free at


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