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What's Up With Maliyo?

So last month before Techplus 2017 commenced, I went to check out Maliyo's website and saw this to my surprise. At first I thought Maliyo were going through some kind of restructuring (I mean the company itself), since Techplus introduced Hugo Obi on their website as Manager of Maliyo instead of the usual CEO of Maliyo Games as we've come to know. But my bump in with Hugo at the Maliyo stand during Techplus cleared up any misconceptions I had. Instead its more like re-branding for Maliyo to be a content aggregator as the website says, "Discover Games, Apps Music, Videos & more tailored to your local needs". Maliyo Games will continue to exist, making in-house games as well as contributing content to aid the store.  It is a well know fact that this wouldn't be Maliyo's first attempt at a local store. Gidi Apps was the very first one but it seems practically inactive now. Re-branding it as Maliyo with a few additional improvements smells more like a ver

Throne of Gods is Out!

Finally the buzzing game by Black Ring is out. Throne of Gods, initially named The Throne is a fighting game about African pantheons taking on each other, all for power. The game represents the diverse culture of Africa and also allows you to play as or take on your favourite African deity, mine is Sango (who doesn't like a thunder god). The army of two (Ali Akdogan and Iru Umusu) at Black Ring have been working on the game for more than 2 years now (if I'm correct), and released a demo of the game last year during the West African Gaming Expo (WAGE). In the game, you start with Sango (the god of thunder from Nigeria) and fight other fierce African gods, goddesses and beasts. The more you fight, the more cowries you earn., which allows you to unlock more characters and stages as you progress. The game's art style is quite unique, with all of the characters possessing muscular overtones while clothed in their traditional attire. Throne of Gods is one of the seven g

Nigerian Game Development Companies

In 2012, you could count only 5 game development companies in Nigeria.  Five years later, that number has  quadrupled, with a few still developing their first game. With no real database or catalog of gaming studios in Nigeria, I decided to make a list of my own. Now I must say, not all the gaming studios are on this list. Only the ones that meet a certain criteria are listed here. The criteria for choosing these selected ones, is simply that they have at least two games released on any platform (local or otherwise). So without further ado, here is a curated list of gaming studios in Nigeria. Name:  Avena Location: Lagos Notable Games: Abu's Quest, Cake Pop, Fruity Gang Services: Mobile Games Name:  Chopup Location: Lagos Notable Games: Danfo Reloaded, Sambisa Assault, Mokey Post  Services: Mobile Games Name:  Deluxe Creation Studios Location: Lagos Notable Games: App Rush, Burster Drones Services: Full Suite Digital Design and Development