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10 Criteria for Adopting a Game Engine

"What Game Engine should I use?” or “What game engine is the best?" is something I encounter over and over. A friend of mine recently brought up the discussion as he complained about how someone asked the vague question "Which was better in Unity and Unreal?”. I kind of understand he's ire at the question because developers choose game engines based on preferences not because it's the so called best. This short video would give you an idea of what I'm talking about. To complement the video, I've decided to present my thoughts on the subject and answer the never ending question, because I simply need a reference for it in future whenever it arises. But before I delve into it, I'd like to enunciate useful information for noobs. First of all, not only Unity and Unreal exist. So Unity and Unreal are quite popular because of their free tier versions, and the two combined own a lion share of the development community; about 62% of Triple A and