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Enter Africa - Gamify Your City

Gamify the future of your city by participating in Geothe Institut's Enter Africa (past, present, future) project. In several Game Labs, interdisciplinary teams in 15 African countries will use a gaming app to create future scenarios for their cities. Young teams of architects, urban planners, engineers, IT experts and cultural professionals are needed to develop ideas for their city in 15 big African cities. The various ideas will eventually lead to a transnational digital game about future scenarios that may occur in big African cities. The future of our world is already being decided today in big cities with an example being Sub-Saharan Africa. Approximately 18 new megacities are expected to be developed in Sub-Saharan Africa by 2025. But how can access to medical care, water, electricity and education be achieved over a wide area? How do we regulate traffic and housing? Also, how do we manage the fair distribution of clean air and green spaces? With the Enter Africa p