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5 Reasons To Play Fading

Fading is a minimalist 2D platformer where you play through the mind of a man whose wife is dying of terminal illness as you uncover a story of love, pain and loss. The title itself alone, speaks for what the overarching theme of the game would represent. The red ball and concept of the game reminds me of the game Bounce on Nokia 5130, but unlike bounce you don't grow big, you don't have a certain number of lives and there are no rings to collect. If you're like me and don't understand how the concept depicts the mind of a man, then just wait till you play the game. You'll find out how challenging it is to be in someone's mind based on their mood and reasons why you don't want to ever be in it to start with. With that said, here are 5 reasons to play the game Fading. 1. Great Story The story of fading is beautiful and captivating. It's what the story of bounce could have been if it even had a story. You unravel the story of love an