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Nigerian Games that came out in January 2017

These are Nigerian video games that launched last month. If I missed out on any one or you know of one I didn't mention then you can drop a link and a comment below. Avoid the Waves by Blue Screen Studios Avoid the waves is a game that was based on the GGJ17 theme (Waves). You are an electron or magnet trying to ??? get home, survive or something. I don't know. All I know is that you have to pass through the lines and avoid waves. You can get it here on play store. Also, you can check out the GGJ17 version here and see how the game has improved. Snakes and Ladders by Tonielrosoft Tonielrosoft is frankly one of the most successful Android game developer in Nigeria. With Naija Whot and Naija Ludo, it only seemed fair to go the route of another popular game in Nigeria, Snake and Ladders. As you all know Snakes and Ladders is the classic board game where you evade the heads of the snake and embrace the bottom of the ladder. You can get it here  on p