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Game Development Tools

While searching for how to structure a post-mortem for my life race team at the recently concluded Imisi3D VR Hackathon , I stumbled upon Overlap2D . Upon research, I found out it might be restricted to libGDX. So if you do use libGDX, then overlap 2D would be a pretty useful tool for your designer or artist to use. Since we are on tools for game development, I recommend watching this video from gamefromscratch . It compiles a bunch of free game development tools or resources every indie should know. To those of you who may be thinking "why didn't I write a blog post about my experience at the first VR Hackthon in Nigeria?". Sigh. I'll just say, my team didn't win, and I'd be too emotional and biased in my write up, just like the judges. Oops, I said it.

Brilliant Optimisation Techniques

Here are some brilliant optimisation techniques to use in Unity, If I do say so myself. Some of them I knew, while some of them, I hadn't even considered. Here's the link .