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G3 Mobile Games Developers Meetup Review (April - August 2016)

The G3 Mobile Games Developers Meetup is a monthly convergence of players in the local games space to foster conversations related to games and game development in Nigeria. The monthly line up usually includes: A new product showcase Gaming challenge Video learning. My favourite! Free drinks. My second favourite! And networking I've been delighted to have sailed with the boat from the very first edition in April. So far, there have been cameo appearances of major players, interesting talks, and debates that stretch as long as the Nile. So If you missed it thus far, this is my personal review on how the previous meetups have gone. Note this is not an extensive review. April Theme : None. Review : Guessing the no theme was due to it being the first event. But something like "Welcome" or "Introduction" would've been fine. There was a new game showcase by Maliyo  called Math Rush Challenge. You can check it out here . The Video learning segm