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Game Development Tools

While searching for how to structure a post-mortem for my life race team at the recently concluded Imisi3D VR Hackathon , I stumbled upon Overlap2D . Upon research, I found out it might be restricted to libGDX. So if you do use libGDX, then overlap 2D would be a pretty useful tool for your designer or artist to use. Since we are on tools for game development, I recommend watching this video from gamefromscratch . It compiles a bunch of free game development tools or resources every indie should know. To those of you who may be thinking "why didn't I write a blog post about my experience at the first VR Hackthon in Nigeria?". Sigh. I'll just say, my team didn't win, and I'd be too emotional and biased in my write up, just like the judges. Oops, I said it.

Brilliant Optimisation Techniques

Here are some brilliant optimisation techniques to use in Unity, If I do say so myself. Some of them I knew, while some of them, I hadn't even considered. Here's the link .

Gamfari - A Fun Way To Make Money

Gamfari  is an e-sport platform that presents a fun way to make money by creating gaming competitions among individuals. The recent launch and business model is not surprising to me, because it seems to be another company that wants a cup of the action with the current craze of sports betting in the country. Yes, sports betting (or gambling as those of us who don't participate would call it) has run amok in the country and is hitting every one like crazy. Their competitions comprises of 5 participants trying to win 4/5th of the total tokens of each individual player. The player with the highest points or score after an hour of gaming sessions wins the lot. Although Gamfari targets mobile users in addition to web users and also allows Indie developers publish their games on the platform, I somehow can't help but wonder that it feels like a polished and refined version of Kuluya. The funny thing is that for most of last year and this year, I've been thinking of Kuluya

10 Criteria for Adopting a Game Engine

"What Game Engine should I use?” or “What game engine is the best?" is something I encounter over and over. A friend of mine recently brought up the discussion as he complained about how someone asked the vague question "Which was better in Unity and Unreal?”. I kind of understand he's ire at the question because developers choose game engines based on preferences not because it's the so called best. This short video would give you an idea of what I'm talking about. To complement the video, I've decided to present my thoughts on the subject and answer the never ending question, because I simply need a reference for it in future whenever it arises. But before I delve into it, I'd like to enunciate useful information for noobs. First of all, not only Unity and Unreal exist. So Unity and Unreal are quite popular because of their free tier versions, and the two combined own a lion share of the development community; about 62% of Triple A and

G3 Mobile Games Developers Meetup Review (April - August 2016)

The G3 Mobile Games Developers Meetup is a monthly convergence of players in the local games space to foster conversations related to games and game development in Nigeria. The monthly line up usually includes: A new product showcase Gaming challenge Video learning. My favourite! Free drinks. My second favourite! And networking I've been delighted to have sailed with the boat from the very first edition in April. So far, there have been cameo appearances of major players, interesting talks, and debates that stretch as long as the Nile. So If you missed it thus far, this is my personal review on how the previous meetups have gone. Note this is not an extensive review. April Theme : None. Review : Guessing the no theme was due to it being the first event. But something like "Welcome" or "Introduction" would've been fine. There was a new game showcase by Maliyo  called Math Rush Challenge. You can check it out here . The Video learning segm

Considering the Unity Engine

Here's a good read for anyone trying to adopt a game engine. Someone sort of brought it up at the just concluded G3 Mobile Games Developer Meetup in Lagos. I must warn you, only slightly seasoned game developers will understand most of what is said. New and eager game developers might struggle a bit. Note, the write up does not juxtapose Unity with the other engines. It just gives some instances of what unity is good at and what it is improving at along side other popular free tier engines. If you are strictly looking at 2D, I'd say you should give Defold (King's own Engine) a try. I prefer it to Corona SDK, simply because an Editor can make your life easy. Will write a blogpost about this in the coming months. Write-up


Important read for anyone attempting a Leaderboard in their game with no background knowledge. Knew they were used for some form of retention and social feature from arcades but this write up goes more in depth. Write-up