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Gamfari - A Fun Way To Make Money

Gamfari  is an e-sport platform that presents a fun way to make money by creating gaming competitions among individuals. The recent launch and business model is not surprising to me, because it seems to be another company that wants a cup of the action with the current craze of sports betting in the country. Yes, sports betting (or gambling as those of us who don't participate would call it) has run amok in the country and is hitting every one like crazy. Their competitions comprises of 5 participants trying to win 4/5th of the total tokens of each individual player. The player with the highest points or score after an hour of gaming sessions wins the lot. Although Gamfari targets mobile users in addition to web users and also allows Indie developers publish their games on the platform, I somehow can't help but wonder that it feels like a polished and refined version of Kuluya. The funny thing is that for most of last year and this year, I've been thinking of Kuluya