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Sterling Bank Releases Covid Attack

Yesterday, the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control released an update to all Nigerians about the pandemic as the number of confirmed cases with the Corona virus increased to 12. One key point from the publication is how to protect oneself from the virus. #COVID19 Social Distancing 101 (i) Avoid handshakes, replace them with a thumbs up or a wave. (ii) Avoid touching door handles and knobs with your hands, use your elbows instead. (iii) Avoid receiving cash with your bare hands, use an envelope. #CoronaVirusUpdate #SterlingCares — Sterling Bank Plc (@Sterling_Bankng) March 19, 2020 Gladly, Sterling Bank Nigeria has decided to take the bold step of using an interactive approach to compliment the information being passed and help spread the word with the release of Cov19.   Gameplay Footage Cov19 is a web game designed to enlighten the general public about the ways to stay safe and combat the virus. It shows you the