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This Is Just a Rant

I've been asked a lot about Unity developers a lot these past few weeks. Seems like every one is in need of Unity developers so much that it's almost becoming hot cake. Okay I'm just exaggerating, not every one in particular. Although there have been a few job postings that have been popping up with the tag Unity Developer in them. And like I said earlier, people have inquired about local Unity developers from me. [Sigh]. These are the times I wish I could split myself into four since we are not that many, but there are a few more people picking it up now. If you'd like to get started with Unity, you can check out slides for the Flappy Bird tutorial I shared with the guys at Center4Tech just before the Global Game Jam 2017. It does require you to be at least comfortable with the editor.

2017 Global Game Jam

This year's edition of the Global Game Jam is holding on January 20th - 22nd. The Global Game Jam is a 48hrs - 72hrs game jam that is widely distributed to all countries who want to participate. Everyone gets to innovate, collaborate and experiment on a game based on a theme in one action packed weekend. Luckily not one but two organisers are hosting the event this year in Lagos. I first thought this was weird since it could have been one big event if they combined and collaborated together but I soon realised the split served a higher purpose. For those lackadaisical individuals on the mainland not interested in going to the highland, there's a place for you. Likewise the same goes for you highlanders. So no one should have any excuse for not showing up. The highland venue is located at Victoria Island and hosted by IGDA Nigeria which are possibly supported by Unreal. While the mainland venue is at Ogba, Ikeja and hosted by Center4Tech which are possibly backed by U

2016 Review of the Nigerian Game Industry

Image Credit: Here are a few interesting things pertaining to the Nigerian Gaming Industry (excluding casino and lottery) as a whole that happened in the year 2016. Will update as new developments come along. January Gameloft opened office in Nigeria . Hold your horses, It's not a development studio (although I would have loved to see that) but a marketing/sales outlet instead. Seems the guys in France don't think we are good enough. February Genii Games got  re-branded . Grateful they didn't select the one with the gamepad. The Breeding by Gbrossoft  was green-lit on steam in just 18 days. April Gameslab, parent company to Maliyo started a developers meetup and its been running almost consistently for a while. You can find out what happened in the last meet-ups here . Smart Monkey interviewed the president of the IGDA Nigeria chapter on the barriers to success in the Nigerian gaming industry . May Silicon Spoon St

G3 Mobile Games Developers Meetup Review (September – December 2016)

Like my previous review, this is also compilation of 4 meet-ups in one. But I don’t think there was one for December. And even if there was one, I don’t think I’d have gone. Anyways without further ado, here’s what went down at the last 4 meet ups. Note that however way it went down, this write-up is how my eyes interpreted it.  If you’d like to know what went down at the past ones, then you can find it here  September Theme Exploring Internet Connectivity & App Discovery Review Maliyo's Niger Delta Commando Game was on show. Considering the video trailer I saw earlier for the game, I finally had the chance to make my reservations known. But that just started a whole new discussion about different marketing strategies. The point I was trying to buttress was that inappropriate PR or marketing could affect you. Just consider the outcry surrounding Hello Games No Man’s Sky. An easy thing as a NOT IN GAME OR GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE notification could have helped. But i

Free Unity library for Audio (Papae.AudioManager)

This is my free unity plugin for audio. It provides a simple way for programmers to manage and control your 2D game’s background music and sound effects. You can get it on the asset store  or clone it from github .