2017 Global Game Jam

This year's edition of the Global Game Jam is holding on January 20th - 22nd. The Global Game Jam is a 48hrs - 72hrs game jam that is widely distributed to all countries who want to participate. Everyone gets to innovate, collaborate and experiment on a game based on a theme in one action packed weekend. Luckily not one but two organisers are hosting the event this year in Lagos. I first thought this was weird since it could have been one big event if they combined and collaborated together but I soon realised the split served a higher purpose. For those lackadaisical individuals on the mainland not interested in going to the highland, there's a place for you. Likewise the same goes for you highlanders. So no one should have any excuse for not showing up. The highland venue is located at Victoria Island and hosted by IGDA Nigeria which are possibly supported by Unreal. While the mainland venue is at Ogba, Ikeja and hosted by Center4Tech which are possibly backed by Unity. Aha! Now I see why there was a demarcation.

Anyways, both venues would have sleeping facilities but I'm not sure of the quantity available or whether they are already paid for. The global game jam is not something worth missing. Even if you can't develop but you are interested, please show up. You never know, you could become a future game designer. There is also a location available in Abuja. Please check the site for other location updates leading to the jam.


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