5 Reasons To Play Fading

Fading is a minimalist 2D platformer where you play through the mind of a man whose wife is dying of terminal illness as you uncover a story of love, pain and loss. The title itself alone, speaks for what the overarching theme of the game would represent. The red ball and concept of the game reminds me of the game Bounce on Nokia 5130, but unlike bounce you don't grow big, you don't have a certain number of lives and there are no rings to collect.

If you're like me and don't understand how the concept depicts the mind of a man, then just wait till you play the game. You'll find out how challenging it is to be in someone's mind based on their mood and reasons why you don't want to ever be in it to start with. With that said, here are 5 reasons to play the game Fading.

1. Great Story

The story of fading is beautiful and captivating. It's what the story of bounce could have been if it even had a story. You unravel the story of love and strife between a writer (the man) and a painter (his wife, Meruna). who is dying of cancer.

The narration of the story is uncovered piece by piece through the man's writings. with each piece giving an account of how they met, their marriage and their struggles together thereafter. The most inspiring part of the story is when moments in the story affect gameplay.

So if you like a great and satisfying story with an appreciation of how it incorporates in the design of a game, then fading is the game for you. If you're not a fan of the puzzles, then you could ask a friend to help you out while you sit back and enjoy the story.

2. Challenging Puzzles

The puzzles in the game are one of the most annoying, challenging and diabolical puzzles I've ever seen. Some look insanely difficult at first glance but just require some time to master. The main aim of each puzzle is to keep you from reaching your place of solitude (big circular hollow with coloured dotted lines).

Just like any platformer, there are switches that need to be triggered, moving platforms, unstable platforms or in this case fading platforms, spikes, as well as some unfriendly big circular multi-coloured boulders chasing you (trust me this one is no fun at all).

Each level gets a tad bit harder as you progress and was beautifully handcrafted by the designer (mastermind behind the puzzles). If you're a puzzler (someone who loves puzzles and strategies games), then this game is surely for you. Or if you are a perfectionist, then you can try the impossible challenge of not dying at all.

3. Made In Nigeria

The developer of the game is Nigerian and all elements of the game were created and crafted by Nigerians. The game was written, designed and programmed by Kolapo Oni while the sound effects were created by Darasimi Oni. Come to think of it, I think this is a family game. Big ups to Oni's. So, if you like Made In Nigeria products or want to support Made In Nigeria products you can do so by purchasing a copy of the game here.

4. Made For Desktop

The game is available on standalone desktops (Windows and Mac) through steam. Steam is a digital distribution platform and is the largest digital distribution platform for PC gaming. The game has simple controls like bounce, move left (left arrow), move right (right arrow) and jump (spacebar/up arrow). You can also plug in and play with a controller.

Fading might also be one of the very few games from a Nigerian on a Windows PC or Mac (which is refreshing). I literally cannot think of any other game apart from one or two that come to mind. I do think there might be a mobile port in the works but I cannot categorically tell you one now.

5. Delightful Presentation

The presentation of fading is pretty good. The fact that you have to complete a puzzle to unlock the next piece of the story reminded me of when I used to play those Legend of Zelda puzzle gamebooks. The art style is flat and simple with the use of subtle colours. The writings are like poetry and provide a good read especially if you're a helpless romantic. The soundtrack is graceful and sinks you into the immersion of despair waiting to happen. Although it becomes repetitive, the first few occasions are enjoyable.


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