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If you're a christian believer, fashion freak, endless game lover or just someone who regularly hunts for native Nigerian games, here are 3 buzzing mobile games that are free to download and play.

Shakara - African Dress Up and Fashion


Shakara is a dress up game available on Android and iOS

Features clothing and accessory from a variety of African countries

Take a snapshot of your very own outfit and share with your friends

Shakara is a women's wear dress up game developed by Lizzie Creations. Create your own version of an African inspired fashion studio by dressing up Kiki and her friends in beautiful fabrics and fashionable attires from across Africa. With native clothing and design styles from countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Kenya, Cote D'Ivoire and South Africa, creating your perfect outfit is never a dull moment. There are hundreds of unique combinations and creations to be made from more than 70 clothing materials and accessories on display, ranging from dresses (gowns, blouses, skirts) to wearable's (head ties, necklaces, ear-rings). So take a picture of your stylish outfit with either an Android or iOS device and share your creations with your friends.

Chike - Sky Rider


Chike is an endless flight game on Play store, App store & Mobango

Collect research chips for an investor in exchange for funding

Compete against others for the top spot on the leaderboard

Chike is an endless flying game developed by Deluxe Creations StudiosYou play as Chike (a sky rider) trying to escape the clutches of his arch nemesis, Lara. Glide through the air, dodge bobby traps, avoid drone strikes, and collect as many golden research chips as possible around Lagos for funding a community solar power project. A variety of other jetpacks can be bought to assist Chike in better manoeuvres and you can also partake in a small mini game for a limited time to win more research chips. You can also share your highscore and challenge your friends on the leaderboard. The game is available through the App Store on iOS and as well as on Android, through the Play Store and Mobango platforms. So, download the game and start competing to be the best sky rider in the galaxy, oops! (habit) I mean in the city of Lagos.

Anointed: Chronicles of Laftu


Anointed is a christian arcade game available on Android and iOS

Repel evil forces by shooting out powerful light rays from the bible

Utilize the word of God in form of various boosters and powerups

Anointed is a christian casual arcade game developed by Yinola. The game follows the story of Laftu, a christian boy anointed by the Lord to expel evil forces from his homeland. Repel devious and mischievous foes by shooting then using powerful rays of light from the bible and guide Laftu on his journey to cleanse the land of evil. You can also utilize the word of God in form of boosters to help Laftu in extreme or difficult scenarios. Each booster like Firestorm (should have been called Holy Ghost Fire), Shield of Faith, and Thunderstrike have unique abilities which aid Laftu in defeating relentless forces. Anointed is available on both Android and  iOS stores. So download the game, put on the armour of God and stop evil from conquering the land.


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