It's like Ginx but for Nigeria

Okay, so I may be over exaggerating a bit. It's more like a mini series of the earlier Ginx, which used to air a variety of programs about games and gaming before they switched their focus to eSports. Anyways the Ultimate Gaming TV show is the first Nigerian television show that provides a platform for local developers to showcase their games, talk about their experiences and promote the culture of gaming in the country. The show is organised by Ultima Limited, the same guys who organise Who Wants to be a Millionaire Nigeria and MTN Project Fame West Africa. Somehow they seem interested in video gaming in Nigeria and so far I'm liking it. Considering we need all available arsenals including the media to disseminate the role video games can play in the society and even on the economy. In America, the video game industry makes more revenue than the Movie Industry (Hollywood). And in Finland, the video game industry contributes over 25% of revenue in the ICT sector. That's my two cents on what gaming can contribute so I'll get back to the main topic. The show is comprised of two segments: 

The Developers Chat 
This is the segment where the host interviews a single person from the development team. It could be a programmer (person who writes the code), artist (person who draws the art), designer (person who layouts the structure of the level) or even the lead or project manager. The person gets to talk about the idea or inspiration behind the game, any challenges or obstacles that were involved in making the game, how long it took to develop it and also where viewers can download and play these games. This is a great avenue for indie devs to publicize their games and also a means for me to get to know more developers out there. Stalking mode on (I see you).

The Game Talk 
This is an open discussion involving the host and two other participants. Everyone gets to share their favourite games, game names (if they have one), most awkward gaming place and any troubles gotten into at a tender age because of video games. The conversation is more based on each persons point of view, focusing on their experiences, challenges and successes as regards to their personal gaming lifestyle. 

Also the viewers don't get left out and can compete to win different prizes by participating in the game of the week challenge. The show airs every Saturday by 8:00PM on Wazobia Max and Wazobia TV and every Saturday and Sunday by 6:30PM on Get TV. 

Update!!! (20/08/2017)
You can now watch the programme on a free to air television station. Tune into Television Continental (TVC) every Fridays at 5:00pm to catch the show. 


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